Why Not FSBO? DIY Home Sales Are Tricky!

If you're getting ready to sell your home, you may be considering listing it For Sale By Owner (FSBO) to save some money. Why not FSBO you may ask? While not having to pay an agent's commission from the proceeds of the sale of your home is certainly tempting, there are many other factors that are less obvious that you might want to consider. Let’s discuss a few of these.

  1. Marketing - How will you market your home listed FSBO? Do you have industry connections to ensure that your home receives maximum exposure? Do you have access to the local multiple listing service (MLS) - the database used by real estate agents? If not, how will you make sure that buyers are able to find your home when they are searching?  Statistically, homes listed FSBO sit on the market much longer than those listed by an agent.  A good real estate agent knows from experience that when a home sits on the market too long, buyers begin to assume that there is something wrong with it.
  2. Time - You have so many things to do that are more appealing than researching the market and figuring out how to sell your home. Unfortunately, FSBOs consume massive quantities of their owners' time.
  3. Legal Risk - California real estate law imposes very strict rules that sellers must adhere to when selling their homes.  Violating these rules can expose a seller to legal action.  Who wants to be sued?  While using a real estate agent doesn't preclude all legal actions, a knowledgeable, experienced agent will be able to help you avoid potential legal pitfalls.
  4. Potential Conflicts - Imagine you have a close friend who is interested in buying your home.  If you deal with that friend directly, you are more likely to let your personal feelings interfere.  You might agree to a lower price or other concessions that you would not have if an agent represented you.  In short, if you are selling FSBO, there is no agent to be the "bad guy" for you.

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